Exponential HR was founded with one goal in mind: to be the most innovative, creative and results-oriented HR service provider.

We understand that different types of business require expertise and different human resource solutions, which is why we approach each of our clients with professionalism and develop customized strategies for long-term relationships.
We work with organizations that consider Human Resources as a strategic partner and understand that both organizational culture and employee involvement are closely correlated with achieving business results, growing the company and supporting long-term success.

Why work with Exponential HR?

When you are at the beginning of the road or you are still worried about the development of your business, it is important to receive all the support you need.
Our consulting service provides competent advice to companies to streamline their HR Policies and Strategies and implement successful procedures.
We ensure that the services offered by Exponential HR are fully aligned with the company’s vision, objectives and values and that they offer all the flexibility necessary for the evolution of the organization.

Ethical principles and GDPR

Respecting ethical principles has a great importance both for us and for our partners – candidates and clients.
We only request relevant information that we use exclusively for the purpose mentioned initially, according to the needs of the projects, therefore the information received from the company’s partners (customers and candidates) will be treated as confidential.
Exponential HR also guarantees fair treatment for all partners, regardless of nationality, race, social status, age, gender and sexual orientation.